About Samsara Fields: Mission

Samsara Fields

“Think Globally, Act Locally”.

Samsara Fields is dedicated to organic living, a concept that encompasses a complete way of life. As a response to the perils of unsustainable mass culture, premised on available cheap food and the factory farm system of long haul transit, Samsara Fields produces organic local food delivered no more than 75 miles.

Through living in the developing world, we gained great understanding of the fragility of the human web, and the exploitive forces that organise it. Slum dwelling, garbage dump scavenging, environmental degradation, political instabilities, and food shortages are some of the causes and results of this system. Sensing that things have gone wrong and appear to be getting worse, we took on organic farming as one rational response to the irrationality of pure consumption.

We utilise systems of companion planting and crop rotation to minimise blights and pests. Composting plays an important role as we collect bagged leaves and work this into the ground. We plant rye seed as fallow cover crop to minimise winter soil erosion and add locally sourced manures to build up soil organic matter. Only certified organic fertilisers made from natural ingredients like fish, kelp, or corn gluten are used as plant food.

We believe in providing full-flavoured heirloom vegetables grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and delivered fresh from our fields to your tables. There are no quick-fix solutions to the crisis in global food security. The loss of arable land cannot be solved through genetic modification or chemical intervention. Neither can we create a healthy society fed on ethylene-ripened vegetables which travel further than migratory geese.

A part of every healthy lifestyle is healthy eating. And healthy individuals make healthier communities. So this is why we at Samsara Fields are working with community food groups like the Stop food bank. It is not enough to offer high-end products.

By strengthening local farmers’ markets, we are reclaiming our basic human right to secure a local food supply. This is in stark contrast to depending on trans-national systems of food delivery that deny local availability in favour of global cost-effectiveness. We invite people to join our CSA and be part of the action. Come on out, get your hands dirty and see what farming is all about. After all, it is where food comes from.

(Community Supported Agriculture)

Samsara Fields

A summer share is an up-front arrangement with a farmer whereby the consumer buys into the harvest.

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