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 Samsara Fields was conceived by JP Gural and So Young Lee from 2010, after their global research journey conducted in 2008 - 2009, as a response to our planet's peril.

They both experienced many issues: poverty, displacement, refugees, the world food crisis, slums, garbage dump communities, post-conflict, legacies of war, poverty, sprawling urbanisation, globalisation, development, and global climate change.

From their research, they found organic living to be not an alternative lifestyle choice
but an important direction if humanity wants to survive an impending environmental collapse.

One of the key ingredients for sustainable living is good quality, locally-produced food.An organic choice protects the Earth and our Health.

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(Community Supported Agriculture)

Samsara Fields

A summer share is an up-front arrangement with a farmer whereby the consumer buys into the harvest.

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